4 Quick Steps to Buying Hiking Boots That Fit

Boots are an integral component of any hiker. Good quality boots will make a hike pleasant, while poor quality boots will have a hiker in pain brought on by blisters or a twisted ankle. There are many types of boots in the market today, and buying a good-fit boot may not be easy.

So, if you are looking to buy the best hiking boots in the market today, here are 4 quick steps to do so. . .

Step 1: Do not Buy Boots in a General Shoe Store

Average shoes stores have a lot of shoes selection. They may have all types of shoes imaginable, and not have a single specialty. So, if you are looking for boots, you may not be presented with the best options.

However, buying boots in specialty shops dealing with backpackers or hiking boots will give you lots of choice when buying the boots. Some hiking boots review can help you locate a specialty store dealing in hiking boots.

Step 2: Shop in the Afternoon between Sunday and Thursday

Most hikers will buy their hiking gear on Friday evening or, Saturday morning. This is also the busiest time of the week for most backpacking and hiking specialty stores. This means that you will not get as much personalized service as you would when the store is less busy.

You should also go to the store in the afternoon. Moving around during the day makes your feet swell, and the size of your feet at this time, is a reflection of the size of the boot you need to buy.

Step 3: Ask for the Best Boot Fitter

An ill fitting boot is not only uncomfortable, but it is a health risk. It can cause blisters, and ankle injury due to poor back support. So, when you get to the store, ask for the best boot fitter. You can ask the store salesperson that you are hard to fit, and need a lot of help. Furthermore, a good boot fitter can help you choose a boot that fits perfectly.

Step 4: Take Your Time

Finding the right boot fit is a mix between art and science. Do not rush. If you are in a hurry, then use your old boots for the upcoming hike, and return to the store when you have time. Try different boot sizes, and different brands. Do not stick to one brand because that is what your family prefers. Different manufacturers make their boots differently. One brand will fit you, while another will not.

Step 5: Test Your Boots and Buy Them

When you find boots that fit you, test them. Walk around the store. A good boot that fits needs to have a finger’s width of space between your heel and the boot. A kick to a wall should not have your toes touching the boot. You should also be able to wiggle your toes. Finally, when standing on the sides of your feet, you should have painless flexibility and good ankle support from the boot.

If you follow these quick steps, you can be certain of getting hiking boots that fit.

What Are The Factors To Look For In The Best Tea Infuser

Tea infusers serve the primary function of facilitating for the effortlessly brewing of tea. They usually make use of dried tea leaves that are held within a mesh or perforated container. The leaves and the water “fuse” with each other to ultimately produce a satisfactory tea. As would be expected not all the products that are awash in the market are in a position of consistently delivering excellent tea when needed. To which end, the following are some critical factors to reflect on when you decide to obtain the very best tea infuser for your exact requirements.


The most important factor to always consider is the safety of the model you eventually settle for. Tea infusers handle hot water and it is paramount to make sure that they function appropriately to avoid scalding. Some of the excellent varieties of these products come with heat resistant handles. While others require at least 1 to 15 seconds of cooling before you can pour your tea.

Consistent tea brewing

When you wish for an excellent cup of tea, you obviously don’t want to worry whether your infuser is up to the task. The very best products can deliver good tea all the time. Some of the mediocre alternatives feature a bull/egg basket that can be challenging to fasten or unfasten, which can prove to be a big put off. Always steer clear of these kinds of models.


You will want an infuser that is convenient to clean. There are dishwasher compatible models, and others which have diminutive grooves that necessitate vigorous hand cleaning. According to your inclinations you can pick from either of the two.


Tea infusers prices vary from one model to the next. The most basic alternatives feature a ball and chain mechanism and are usually to be had for not more than $10. Conversely, there are high end infusers that can go for up to $20 or above. Ideally, you should opt for a model whose price range is within $10 to $15, which will undoubtedly be reliable. Hope that this tea infuser review has been insightful.